CustodyCartoons was created to stop the fighting on issues and to remind parents:

“Keep the kids out of the fight.”

In this way, we are Helping KIDS Win.

It was born out of witnessing a family law process that costs a fortune; where not only both parents, but often our children as well need their own lawyer.

When two parents show their children their CustodyCartoons, they remind each other that communication with the kids must be positive, blame-free and center on the positives for the children.

A family separation is a trying time for everyone, especially for children who may feel caught in the middle.

Temporary Visitation order? A custody agreement?

To our kids, the words don’t mean anything. It is just a new set of rules about when and how the kids relate to each of us as parents and how we as parents relate to our kids.

Inevitably, somebody is unhappy about something at some time in an agreement.  CustodyCartoons keeps the kids out of it, gives parents good reason to settle with each other before spending money, and dramatically reduces conflict – EVEN in a high conflict divorce!!!

The worse two parents get along, the bigger the gift of showing agreement in front of the children.

CustodyCartoons reflects that agreement in a way our children can understand.

That’s why we created Custody Cartoons, to explain to our children in the easiest to understand way how life will work for them and that the parents AGREE.

We turn a painful-for-everybody, confusing subject into a short cartoon series with real life examples of how your agreement (or Order) will work.

And it all works for our kids.  Helping KIDS win.  All we need to start is a photo of your family members and your participation to Help YOUR KIDS Win!

CustodyCartoons is run by RelbanE | EnableR, a Management Consultancy, that handles some of the thorniest, hairiest and downright most difficult decisions companies have to make when a company is growing.

Divorce doesn’t have to be a tragedy.  It can be a growth step.  First, OUR KIDS have to win.

We can be contacted through our corporate office, 330 ENABLER, or to .